Fans mock Nitin Menon for Rohit

Kohli hota toh out deta - Fans mock Nitin Menon for favouring Rohit

Mar 1, 2023 - 16:03
Mar 1, 2023 - 16:20
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Fans mock Nitin Menon for Rohit
Nitin Menon for Rohit


India batting order collapsed like a pack of cards on a treacherous spinning wicket of Holkar Cricket Stadium in Indore as the hosts, batting first, ndian umpire Nitin Menon was slammed for making several umpiring blunders.

He provided not one but two reprieves to India captain-cum-opener Rohit Sharma. Sharma survived two sure-shot dismissals chances off seamer Mitchell Starc in the opening over of the contest, thanks to Menon.

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In the opening over of the day, Starc caught the edge of Sharma’s bat with his first ball. But Menon did not raise his finger and even Aussies opted not to send it upstairs. The replays and Ultra Edge later confirmed the delivery had indeed clipped the willow.bundled out for 109 runs  their fourth lowest Test total against Australia at home.

Three balls later, Starc had Sharma trapped in front, but Menon again turned the appeals down. Once again the Aussies didn’t refer the decision to the TV umpire. The ball-tracking technology confirmed that Menon had got it wrong again.

Fans accused Menon of being biased towards Virat Kohli and favouring Sharma. The fans used memes to point out his controversial decision in the Delhi Test to give Kohli out.
Kohli was ruled out LBW to Australia debutant Matthew Kuhnemann in the second session of Day 2 of the 2nd Test at the Kolta.

The Delhi-batsman looked assured at the crease for his 44 runs and was looking to take India out of trouble when disaster struck in the 50th over. The arm ball from Kuhnemann came in and just squeezed past the bat as Kohli tried to defend, but was struck on the bat and pad almost simultaneously.

The Aussies appealed and Indian umpire Nitin Menon raised his finger. Replays later showed that the decision was wrong.

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